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Add a splash of red, white and blue to your room, with a Union Jack blind, or a pair of Union Jack curtains. We have hand picked the very best Union Jack blinds below, so you don't need to spend hours searching through all the home and interiors web sites - you can find the best in Union Jack blinds here. Where possible, we have also include Union Jack curtains, although these are difficult to find.

Our choice of Union Jack home accessories comes only from reliable retailers in UK and our Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices on Union Jack curtains and roller blinds available to buy in UK.

Our Choice of the Best Union Jack curtains and blinds

About Union Jack curtains and blinds

Union Jack blinds are a great way to make a strong style statement in a room, but without it overpowering the whole look. Blinds are only fully on show part of the time - when the blind is fully closed. So until then, these remarkable roller blinds can stay tucked away, waiting to reveal their full glory of a magnificent Union Jack design. The rectangular shape of blinds means they are able to carry the Union Jack design perfectly. And as you can see from the selection above, it's almost like having a Union Jack flag in your room!

Did you know...

Within mainstream fashion, designers such as Paul Smith and Reebok have regularly used the Union Jack motif on their designs, particularly on T-shirts. In fact Paul Smith claims that the first item he sold in his first shop was a handkerchief with a Union Jack design! Dr. Marten’s also made a pair of boots in red, white and blue. Perhaps the most famous designer to use the famous flag is Ben Sherman. The ‘Mods’ of the 60s and 70s were famed for wearing his Union Jack clothes, particularly jackets. Another of the most famous and iconic places the design has been seen is on the roofs of Mini Coopers. And one of the strangest places the design has been seen has been on condoms.

If you like the Union Jack curtains and blinds...

Union Jack curtains and blinds are fun, stylish and will be a striking addition to any room. These curtains and blinds are quite unique, and the Union Jack designs make them really stand out - it's hard to find any other curtains and blinds that looks so unique. If you like the designs in our Union Jack curtains and blinds range, then also check out the lovely union jack cushions. Or see above for all the best deals and choice in Union Jack curtains and blinds.