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Want a real design statement for your kitchen? Then one of these amazing Union Jack fridges is definitely for you. These fridges really stand out from the crowd, and can transform even the most basic of kitchens. We have hand picked the very best Union Jack fridges, so you don't need to spend hours searching through all the home and interiors web sites - you can find all sorts of Union Jack fridges here, at a glance. Our fridges selection comes only from reliable retailers in UK and our Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices on Union Jack fridges available to buy in UK.

Our Choice of the Best Union Jack fridges

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About Union Jack fridges

Union Jack fridges are perfect for the kitchen, whether you are aiming to bring to life an old kitchen, or put the finishing touches to a cutting edge, brand new kitchen. A Union Jack fridge is a really bold way of introducing a splash of bold colour to a kitchen, as well as a cheeky touch of Cool Britannia.

Our Choice of the Best in Union Jack fridges

In fact there are only 2 Union Jack fridge to choose from, both made by Smeg, but in different sizes: the larger 256 litres capacity, or the smaller (and cheaper) 107 litres. These fridges are more than just a style statement - they incorporate cutting edge technology and build quality to produce one of the most advanced fridges on the market. Compare prices above from all the stockists of the Union Jack fridges in both small and large sizes.

Union Jack fridges

Before you buy, consider some details and specs about the Union Jack fridge. The larger version measures around 1.5 metres high, and is 60cm wide and 67cm deep. These dimensions give it a capacity of 256 litres, and allows plenty of room for a frozen food compartment, wine rack, ice box, 3 glass shelves, fruit and veg container and even a salad crisper! It has an energy efficiency grade of A+, using 251 kw/h per year.

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Union Jack fridges are fun, stylish and will be a wonderful addition to any home. These amazing fridges by Smeg are quite unique, and the Union Jack designs make them really stand out - it's hard to find any other fridges that look quite so different. If you like the designs in our Union Jack fridges range, then also check out other union jack kitchen items, such as these cheeky and fun union jack tea towels. Or if big, bold Union Jack items for the home are your thing, then also see our choice of Union Jack furniture here, including Union Jack armchairs and sofas!

Did you know...

The introduction of Ireland into the Union Jack flag was first attempted under the reign of Oliver Cromwell, when a depiction of a harp was added to the centre of the crosses. This only lasted until the monarchy came back into power, where the original two-cross design was bought back in. However, when Ireland was officially united with Great Britain in 1801, they needed to be adequately represented in the Union Jack. It was at this time that the Saint Patrick cross was added. Since then, the Union Jack has maintained the same design, even when Southern Ireland became a separate Free State in 1921.