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Got something to celebrate? Maybe a street party for the Royal Wedding, or the 2012 Olympics? Or perhaps like us, you just love the Union Jack design, and enjoy a nice splash of colour in the home. All types of bunting is popular these days, with many a row of these lovely little flags adorn bedrooms and kids' rooms across the country. This isn't about being nationalistic, just enjoying the Union Jack flag in all of it's wonderful new and fresh designs, combined with a little nostalgia perhaps.

We have hand picked the very best Union Jack bunting and flags, so you don't need to spend hours searching through all the home and interiors web sites - you can find all sorts of Union Jack bunting and flags here, at a glance. Our bunting and flags selection comes only from reliable retailers in UK and our Price Checker is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices on Union Jack bunting and flags available to buy in UK.

Our Choice of the Best Union Jack bunting and flags

About Union Jack bunting and flags

Union Jack bunting and flags are perfect for a garden or street party. Maybe you have something planned for the 2012 Olympics, or perhaps the Royal Wedding. Or maybe you simply like the style and design of the union jack bunting, and think it will bring a touch of vintage style and nostalgia to your party, or even your home. Lots of bunting these days is hung across bedroom walls, especially in kids' rooms. After all, the union jack is more than a flag. It's a great design, that has been used by designers to great effect recently, as you can see from the wide choice of all sorts of funky bunting and flag designs, including gingham check bunting, pink union jacks, wooden flags and wooden bunting, vintage and faded designs, and of course the classic red, white and blue union jack design.

Union Jack Bunting

Our Choice of the Best in Union Jack bunting and flags

Well, if you are going to put union jack bunting up for a street or garden party, then we thought, what the heck, let's pick out the most vintage, nostalgic looking, classic style union jack we can find. Don't get us wrong, we love the bunting in unusual colours and designs, but we picked out the bunting below for that traditional touch. It's from a great choice of union jack bunting available at Not on the High Street.

Union Jack flags

If you like the Union Jack bunting and flags...

Union Jack bunting and flags are fun and can brighten up any street or garden party! But bunting especially is popular to hang in the home these days too, so why not think about other union jack items for the home, such as the amazing range of union jack cushions available. What better things to adorn your sofa than a comfy cushion complete with a vintage or nostalgic union jack design. See above for all the best deals and choice in Union Jack bunting and flags.

Did you know...

The earliest record of the Union Jack flag was in 1606. It was then that the King of Scotland became the King of England (King James I). As both countries were ruled by the same monarch, the idea was put forth that a new flag would represent the union. The first design was the English red cross over the Scottish white and blue design, and was originally known as the Union Flag. This first design displeased inhabitants of each nation, as both felt their symbolic cross had been lost in the other countries’ design.